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Here We Go Again!


I am so thrilled to be able to post here again! And I am beyond excited to take off for Australia!

Before we continue the adventures, I want to mention that right now this blog has over 10,000 views?? Who the heck are you people? Perhaps I am not the only one that has repeatedly read through this blog during the last 434 days that I have not been travelling. Anyway, I hope all you mysterious people reading have enjoyed learning about my last journey.

I have been very thankful that I kept something like this while I was in Europe. So, for this round, I am hoping to have more frequent and detailed posts coming. I also found it very interesting to look back on the posts where I mentioned my thoughts and feelings about what I had done and how I was changing, so there may be a few more ramblings like that coming your way as well.

Speaking of which.... I've decided to make a little list of things that I want to accomplish while I am down in Oz (any other suggestions are welcome):
- hug a wallaby
- hug a koala
- take lots of photos, and try to take more with me actually in them
- spend some time with people I meet at a hostel
- try not to get overly sunburnt
- be entirely real.

In reference to that last one - I had a very interesting conversation recently where I was told that this trip would be the perfect opportunity to practice not only learning and noticing what I need (in reference to my happiness, comfort, and relationships), but actually asking for it. For example, if someone I have a good relationship with does something that I find hurtful or disrespectful, I need to learn to do or say something in order to make myself feel better. My current strategy is basically "pretend nothing happened and then maybe at some point I will get over it" - AKA, "don't make waves". As you can probably imagine, it is not an overly successful strategy. This is definitely something I need to learn how to do in real life, so if Travel Jenna can master this skill, that would be very helpful for Regular Jenna. My Health professor from last semester would say that "be entirely real" is a terrible goal, because it does not follow the SMART Goal format, but I am putting it on the list anyway. So there.

Anyway, as far as actual travel goes, here is the plan:

I fly into Sydney on June 21st, and hang out there until the 27th, at which point I will head to Melbourne. I am in Melbourne until July 10th, where I will hopefully learn what the heck "footy" actually is. From July 10th to 14th I will be up in Cairns, where I will be doing a Great Barrier Reef tour! Then I am off to Brisbane, which is where the planned portion of this adventure ends. I need to be back in Sydney to fly home on July 26th (theoretically).

I am very very excited to head off and explore new places! I am bringing my DSLR on this trip, so I am hoping to get some great pictures. (Posting pictures on here I found to be very fussy and irritating.. it would be easier to view them on Instagram @jenna.miller10 ). I have plans to meet up with some of the Australians I met on the Contiki tour in Europe, which will be amazing. I believe some of them have now read this blog, so hopefully they aren't too mad at me for certain posts that cast them in a less-than-positive light. Obviously, my attitude has since changed. If they weren't lovely, fantastic people, I wouldn't be going to see them.

I think that's all I have to say for now... my flight leaves Vancouver at 11:45pm on June 19th, and I land at 8:30am Sydney time on June 21st. I have experienced some extremely sweet goodbyes over the last couple of days, which were unexpected and actually made me quite emotional. So thank you, those people. You are all great, and I will miss you very much! As usual, please send me pictures of your pets and other miscellaneous life updates while I am away. In return, when I get home I will try to limit the amount of times I begin a sentence with "When I was in Australia....".

Cheers to new adventures.


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look forward to following your posts, kid. love you

by Gramma & Grampa

Interesting list of goals...I'm excited to read your posts as you knock them off, 1 by 1 :) Do you remember the Australian kids books you got from Aunty Di?

by Mom

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