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Melbourne: Part 2


Alright, so I have been in Melbourne for a full week now, and it is great. I am back to having to pay for accommodation as of yesterday. HUGE thank you to the Urwin family for allowing me to stay with you! I loved meeting you. You can have your office back now, and you can boast about converting a Canadian to AFL and Hawthorn!

On Friday, my new friend Cass picked me up and took me to her house, where I picked a pair of heels to borrow for our upcoming night out. We then went to the aquarium! Bonus points to Cass for not abandoning me when I was transfixed by giant manta rays for a good twenty minutes. The Melbourne aquarium has a humongous crocodile that could easily swallow me whole twice and still be hungry. The viewing area for this beast includes a glass floor, which of course we sat on and then discussed the best escape route if we fell through into the enclosure. The aquarium also has several kinds of penguins, including big brown fluffy ones that I have never seen before. I guess if I am still seeing new animals, I haven't gone to enough zoos and aquariums, right?

Saturday was spent at the footy field. The women's team that Harry coaches had a game in the morning, for which they were short players. I desperately wanted to play and volunteered several times, but Coach Harry was having none of it. I suppose he had a point... Getting another concussion on a different continent would make life difficult. I did get to help, though. They needed someone to stand on the sideline and record the numbers of the players on the bench. Truly a difficult and fascinating job. But it meant I got a great view of the game, which I watched with much interest. After that game finished, Harry played in a game as well. I got a lot of good photos, which I edited, and yet he still added a filter to the one he decided to post on Instagram. I was offended. In total we spent about seven hours at the field, and I got a sunburn. Classic. I had a nap in the afternoon, and then got ready for our night out. Harry had made a Facebook event called "teaching foreigners how to drink" or something like that, and invited a ton of people. I introduced myself as "the foreigner" several times. I had a lot of fun, actually, which surprised me. Travel Jenna loves to dance! We got home at around 3:00am, and it wasn't even me that said "let's go home". (Also, when is Canada getting Uber?? It's fantastic!)

On Sunday, Harry and I went out for brunch, and then to an AFL game! Hawthorn vs Collingwood. (Hawthorn are the good guys, and they won.) I think I irritated Harry with my many questions, but I think I have a pretty good handle on how to play now. Also, I looked it up and there is an AFL league in BC! If anyone wants to come join the Victoria Sharks with me, I think it will be hilarious and awesome.

Monday was quiet. We had yet another delicious breakfast out. I am becoming addicted to Melbourne coffee. I went and got some today as well. In the afternoon I packed up my stuff and took the train into the city to my next accommodation. Today was also super exciting: I did laundry. I also walked around for about three hours, some of which was in the rain. It seems there are many similarities between Melbourne and Victoria, including weather.

Tomorrow will actually involve some fun activities! Harry and I are going to drive down to Phillip Island to watch the penguin parade! Expect some good pictures, if there is enough light. Apparently there is also a spot near there where you can hold a koala, so obviously I have to do that. I will report back later. Do you think I could smuggle a koala through Canadian customs??

I have reached the point in my travels where I am comfortable and a little bit tired. There are a couple of exciting activities coming up, so while it is not overly interesting to read about, I think it was good to take yesterday and today slowly. I am still happy, and still vaguely considering never coming back to Canada. We shall see. (Sorry mom)

I hope everyone has had a lovely couple of days! I heard it has been very warm in Victoria. And I've seen several photos of various Canada Day festivities, which looked like lots of fun. No one wanted to celebrate Canada Day with me here. My plans are still the same so far: I am in Melbourne until July 10th, and then I'll head up to Cairns. Fingers crossed for some sunshine in Melbourne, and no sunburns in Cairns.

I miss you all!


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I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time. However, let's be clear: under absolutely no circumstance are you staying in Australia!!! I forbid it!!! I will even join the Victoria Sharks with you if that will ensure your return...

by mom

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