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Melbourne: Part 3


I am currently sitting in the Melbourne airport, waiting for my flight to Cairns. And while I am very excited about what I have planned for the next few days, I am sad to be leaving Melbourne. But we need to backtrack here for a moment.

So on Thursday, after I returned from the Phillip Island adventure, I met up with my friend Hannah for a drink. (Hannah's parents own the bakery where I work, so it's hilarious that we are in the same place at the same time on the other side of the world.) We had a lovely time at a bar in Southbank, which is an area right along the Yarra River that is full of restaurants and fairy lights. Hannah and I decided to meet up the next day as well.

Since Hannah was leaving Melbourne that night, she checked out of her hostel and then came and stashed her stuff at my place before we went out for the day. We wandered down to Degraves St, which is a narrow alley in the centre of the city that apparently has the best breakfast places. Harry and I went at the beginning of my time in Melbourne, which I think I mentioned. Anyway, Hannah and I had a tasty breakfast, and then took the tram to the Queen Victoria Market. I went there last week at night for a food festival thing, but it is completely different in the daytime. Row upon row upon row of knickknacks, clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. There is also a whole side of the market that sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and a building beside it that has meat, seafood, cheese, wine, and baked goods. (There was a fresh pig's head in the meat section....). There was quite the assortment of smells there, but we had a nice couple of hours wandering around. After that we went for a walk down to Hosier Lane to take pictures of the street art, and then went through the Fitzroy and Parliament gardens, which are fairly close to my hotel. The sun had come out, and we saw three different wedding parties getting photos done. Hannah set off for the airport at about 4:00pm, so I then had a nap.

Friday night was a big one. Harry, Cass, and I went out to Chapel Street, which is a bit fancier than the area we went last weekend. I wore a dress and Cass' heels. We met up with a few more girls from Harry's footy team as the night progressed. We ended up at a club that played strange remixes and a lot of very songs that sounded almost exactly the same. Still, it was fun! I got home at about 3am.

Saturday was a bit of a slow start. There were a couple of excursions for food and coffee, but a lot of the day was spent napping and watching the Australian version of the Bachelor. Like I mentioned in my last post, I was taken out yet again on Saturday night, but this time I just wore jeans. It was girls only - Harry had a 21st birthday party to go to. Cass took me to one of the bars in Crown casino, where some of the footy girls were. We stayed there for a while and let two foreign bankers buy us drinks. Then we ended up going back to the club we were at the night before (with the bad music). I guess since it was Saturday night, they decided to get a DJ that wasn't awful, so it was more fun to dance. I got to bed at about 3:00..... Again. I woke up briefly at about 7:30am, and then rolled over. The next time I opened my eyes it was noon. Whoops. Especially since I had made a plan to FaceTime my mom at 10:30am. When I checked my phone there were 33 missed FaceTime calls. I called back, and attended a bit of my grandparents' 50th anniversary party via iPad. I had a nice chat with the fam, and waved at everyone on the screen. A fair amount of the day was gone by this point. Later in the afternoon I walked down to the major shopping area in Melbourne and poked around in stores. Then, I sat on a bench and connected to some free wifi. At this point, a random Australian guy sat down next to me, asked my opinion on his facial hair, and then asked me to dinner. It was very strange. I said no.

For my last night in Melbourne, Harry and I went out for dinner. He picked me up, and then put the address of the restaurant into google maps. This led us to a house in suburban Melbourne, which obviously was not correct. Turns out there are two Liverpool streets in Melbourne. This was made all the more hilarious by the fact that the restaurant, when we finally got there, ended up being less than two blocks away from my hotel, where we originally started. Despite this amusing setback, we had a fantastic dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. Afterwards we attempted to watch a movie on Netflix, but the wifi at my place was not good enough. Harry and I said goodbye for a week - he's coming up to Brisbane when I am there.

Today, I checked out of my hotel and then went for a walk down to Federation Square, where I sat and had coffee. I wandered through St Paul's Cathedral, which is right beside the square, and then through the garden that is on the other side of the bridge. I didn't have to leave for the airport until about 6pm, and at this point it was only 11:30. I decided to take the train down to Brighton beach. I took a ton of pictures. That is where the colourful beach huts are. I couldn't help but wish I had been able to take my grad photos there! It was so pretty. I also took a lot of selfies.... Solo travel problems. I was there for about two and a half hours, and walked a fair way down the beach. I took the train back to the city, got some food, and then went to pick up my bag from the hotel. One slightly nauseating shuttle bus-ride later, I'm at the airport.

Like I said, I am very excited about Cairns, but I am sad to leave Melbourne. I loved it. I made friends! And today's adventure made me love it even more... What is it about places called Brighton that make me want to live there? I hope I will be able to come back to Melbourne at some point.

As I am typing this, an announcement came on saying my flight has been delayed. I was already going to land in Cairns at 1:00am, but now I won't get there until about 2:30am!! Budget airlines suck.

Two cities down, at least two to go. This trip is going way too fast!



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Awful lot of very late nights (or should I say, early mornings), young lady! Your grandparents very much appreciated your eventual FaceTime appearance...you missed a good party (although you seem to be gong to a lot of those as well...). Please avoid all sharks during your next adventure!!!

by Mom

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