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So I am currently in Prague, where the wifi in our hotel is atrocious. I'm behind posting already and it's only been a week!
Berlin is a super cool city. We did a historical walking tour, which was very interesting, led by a "local guide" who was actually Irish. It took about three hours, and we went to the place where Hitler did his big speeches, the book burning site, the Brandenburg gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Riechstag, while getting an in depth explanation of the goings-on in each spot. After that I wandered around the city for a few more hours, taking pictures and hitting up Ritters Sport, a place where you can make your own chocolate! I still haven't tried mine though, so I'm not sure if it's actually any good. I got a few other flavours while I was there though, so I have backup chocolate if necessary.
That night I went out with the group to Pirates Bar, and then a club called The Matrix, where I was very reluctantly forced to dance. I bailed and walked back to the hotel at about 1:30am, but everyone else was there until about 5am. Still, I actually went to a club, so I think I should get points for that.
We stopped in Dresden for a bit on the way from Berlin to Prague. I got some lunch and took more pictures of the "old-city" of Dresden, which isn't actually that old, since everything was flattened and rebuilt after WW2. The buildings were all built to look exactly the same though, so they are all quite beautiful.
I have had a full day in Prague already, but since I have arbitrarily decided to stick to the theme I have so far, I can't tell you about that until I get to Munich. So hold on for that.
Lots of hugs to everyone!


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So I am now in my hotel in Berlin after the 8 hour drive from Amsterdam. A positive: I did not get carsick.

Amsterdam is an incredible city. I spent about seven hours in total wandering around the city during the day and a half we were there (mostly on purpose, although I did get lost at one point). The architecture and the canals are absolutely beautiful. I would love to come back in the late spring and see how it all looks covered in flowers! I did quite a few things that I was hoping to do, and I was not disappointed. Anne Frank house was amazing and heartbreaking. The Rijksmuseum looked amazing on the outside, although I did not have time to go in. I learned how to make clogs and Gouda. And the nighttime canal cruise was so great. All the canals are lit up, and there were a few extra decorations around for the Amsterdam lights festival, which ended yesterday. Floating down a canal while fifty glittering chandeliers seem to hover above you is a fantastic experience.

We did have a bit of a tour through the Red Light District, which was interesting.. If you don't already know what happened, it's because you do not want to know. In other news, Amsterdam seems to be the home of delicious shots! I'm not a big alcohol person, but I had a few shots from one bar in particular that could have the power to change my mind on that if they were consistently available.

The only thing I did not like about Amsterdam, besides the street names being ridiculously complicated, was that the city apparently turned off my directional ability. I like to think I have a good sense of direction, and history can back me up on that, but I did very poorly on the navigation front. I blame it on the city for being set up in a complicated way, and all the canals looking the same! However, once you figure out how to get back to the hotel after ending up somewhere totally wrong at 12:30 in the morning, you feel pretty accomplished, as long as you don't think about how you ended up in the wrong place to begin with.

The people on the Contiki tour seem lovely. It's me, a Brazilian girl, and 36 Australians. So far everyone just calls me Canada and asks if everyone at home is really polite. Not a bad stereotype to be stuck with, in my opinion.

Tomorrow morning is the historical walking tour of Berlin, which should take about three hours. I'm looking forward to getting some good pictures. Hope you all are doing well.


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In Between


I am currently sitting in the "Contiki Basement" waiting to be able to check into my hotel. I imagine I won't have a chance to post anything tomorrow so I figured I'd fill you in while I wait.
Emily and I had a lovely time wandering around London yesterday. Every few minutes we would stop and look at each other and say "hey guess what? We're in London!" We're kinda lame, I know, but we are both excited. We walked for about four and a half hours, going from Oxford Circus to the London Eye and back. The London Eye wasn't running unfortunately. We then went to "The Maple Leaf" - a bar with a Canadian theme. Hockey jerseys and beavers were everywhere, and poutine was their featured dish. We went with rum and cokes instead. From there we continued on to Princess Louise, a classic English pub, according to Emily's cousin. We parted ways after dinner, and I was told that I have to come to Scotland after my tour.
Contiki starts tonight, and I have to say I am a bit nervous. But hanging out with a group of people equally excited to be travelling should be fun. Tomorrow morning we head to Amsterdam via ferry. Fingers crossed for no motion sickness!
It's 6am in Victoria right now, so good morning everyone! I'll update you when I get to Amsterdam.



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Quick update - arrived safely in London yesterday and met up with the lovely Emily (although she was waiting for me in the entirely wrong terminal, and it took about an hour to find her). We made our way to my Airbnb in West Acton, which is an adorable little area. Went for a walk and had some dinner, and when Em returned to her cousin's house, I went to bed! We are meeting up again this morning downtown to explore. Hope everyone has a good day :)


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The Beginning

January 13/14, 2016


I was planning on writing something and posting it tomorrow (the 14th) as that is the official beginning of my trip. However, as per usual, I have procrastinated, and now have laundry and all of my packing to do tomorrow morning before heading off to the airport at 1:00. So, as I so often did during my school career, I am doing my written work late at night.

It has been an emotional few days, full of goodbyes and hugs. Thank you to everyone who made time to see me, I really appreciate it. Sadly, the start of this trip has coincided with the death of my Uncle Ben, who has been fighting cancer for several months. I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to attend his funeral, but my thoughts will be with my family often.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I have lots to do, and I'll probably be pretty anxious all day. But (fingers crossed) it will all be worth it. I take to the skies for about twelve minutes at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon - just a short hop from Victoria to Vancouver. At 5:55pm I will soar off into the sunset, and wait not-so-patiently to touch down at Heathrow.

This trip is what I have dreamed of doing since the last time I was in Europe, when I was 11. I have always felt that travelling is what I am meant to do, and I am very excited that it is finally happening. Thank you to everyone who received a text reading "Should I drop out of school next semester and go to Europe instead?" and who told me "Yes, absolutely!" I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to the best of my ability, and return in a few months having learned, grown, and taken thousands of pictures. Don't worry, I'll go through and delete some before I make my presentations, otherwise we would all be stuck looking at them for hours.

I will try and update this blog every few days, with where I am and what I have been up to. I haven't tried uploading pictures on here yet, but if I can figure that out, I will do that as well. If anyone would like more frequent updates, send me an email or a Facebook message, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for free wifi.

I should go to sleep now... big day tomorrow. Bon voyage! Hope everyone has a great few months.



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